Artists of the Week….

Hey guys! What's up! You're probably wondering what this artist of the week is, well its gonna be our weekly list where we talk about three artists and tell you a little more on them! This week we have Sami Sanchez, Why Don't We and Forest Falls! Forest Falls are a 3 piece Melbourne based... Continue Reading →


Update On This Blog!

Hey there!!You might be wondering why I'm taking forever to upload or why I'm rarely active. And it's because I've just been so busy, school work is just so much and I now have an actual job, and I've realized that I can't do this on my own, I need people to help me!! If... Continue Reading →

TV Shows That Are A Must See!

There has been so many tv shows how have been coming to an end but so many new ones that are just as good! As we say goodbye to Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries, let's give a big welcome to The Next Step, Lost and Found Music Studios, Riverdale and Thriteen Reasons... Continue Reading →

Day In Day Out Ep Review

HIII GUYS SO AS I SAID IN MY LAST POST THAT MY FRIEND KIZZY HAS WRITTEN A REVIEW FOR DAY IN DAY OUT AND I'M SO PROUD OF HER AND THE BOYS!!!! HOPE Y'ALL LIKE IT!! Day In Day Out Ep Review by Kizzy Cheng  After what feels like months of “soon”, “get your hype... Continue Reading →

Interview: Vlado and Alex Mather

Remember my first ever post? Remember what it was about? Vlado touring with the Fisher Boys? Yeah well guess what? I got the chance to interview Vlado after 4 months! I unfortunately was not able to make he interview but had some amazing friends to cover for me, shoutout to Olivia Williams and Alyx Leach!... Continue Reading →

Interview: Aydan Calafiore

Everyone particularly fell in love with Aydan after his The Voice audition. Who is Aydan? Let this interview tell you all about him. 16 year old Aydan is one talented dude that is sure to melt your heart.  How did you get into singing? What inspired you to sing? Michael Jackson had a big part... Continue Reading →

Interview: Kaitlin Thomas

Kaitlin Thomas is one hella of a good singer. Her voice is one that will leave you speechless. I got the chance to interview the lovely girl and learn more about her. She is probably the sweetest person I have ever met and to be able to share this with you is a great. Keep... Continue Reading →

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