Interview: In Stereo

I am so happy and excited to bring you this interview with In Stereo. A trio from Sydney, Australia. Made up of Ethan, Chris and Jakob! They have released three singles and three Eps, their recent one being Day In Day Out (my favourite), and with their loyal fanbase they were able to go on... Continue Reading →


New November Playlist

Okay so I know that November isn't such a bug month but I put together a playlist to help you through the last month of Spring. I've chosen songs from Jack and Jack, Selena Gomez, Why Don't We, New Hope Club, The Vamps, Taylor Swift and many more. Follow my Spotify or you could add... Continue Reading →

Invitation Ep review

Isn't Why Don't We just on everyone's mind right now, like who are these boys? Well if you must know Why Don't We is a five piece boy band from America. A very talented group with each one of them having their own unique talent. Daniel, Jonah, Corbyn, Zach and Jack were solo artists before... Continue Reading →

Teen Vibes!!

By Kizzy Saturday, September 23rd, 2017. Teen Vibes Melbourne has come and gone after a massive hype that spanned almost a year. Amongst the line up were favourites like In Stereo, Vlado Saric and The Fisher Boys as well as James Yammouni and Faydee. The activities were exciting too, a meet and greet, a concert... Continue Reading →

Company Ep review

If you have been keeping up with my social media, then you might of seen the competition I held for Sarah Carmosino's fans, they had to make a fan video to her song Company. The videos I received were amazing! congratulations to all the girls that won!! Since then, Sarah has released 2 more singles... Continue Reading →

Artists of the Week….

Hey guys! What's up! You're probably wondering what this artist of the week is, well its gonna be our weekly list where we talk about three artists and tell you a little more on them! This week we have Sami Sanchez, Why Don't We and Forest Falls! Forest Falls are a 3 piece Melbourne based... Continue Reading →

Update On This Blog!

Hey there!!You might be wondering why I'm taking forever to upload or why I'm rarely active. And it's because I've just been so busy, school work is just so much and I now have an actual job, and I've realized that I can't do this on my own, I need people to help me!! If... Continue Reading →

TV Shows That Are A Must See!

There has been so many tv shows how have been coming to an end but so many new ones that are just as good! As we say goodbye to Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries, let's give a big welcome to The Next Step, Lost and Found Music Studios, Riverdale and Thriteen Reasons... Continue Reading →

Day In Day Out Ep Review

HIII GUYS SO AS I SAID IN MY LAST POST THAT MY FRIEND KIZZY HAS WRITTEN A REVIEW FOR DAY IN DAY OUT AND I'M SO PROUD OF HER AND THE BOYS!!!! HOPE Y'ALL LIKE IT!! Day In Day Out Ep Review by Kizzy Cheng  After what feels like months of “soon”, “get your hype... Continue Reading →

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