Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter is probably the queen of Disney! She went from being a Girl Meets World star to having sold out shows of her own tour. She has really made a name for herself and me being proud is an understatement. I have watched her grow into her own unique self and become such an... Continue Reading →


Top Two Favourite Youtubers

Youtube is such a big thing these days so I might as well talk about some YouTubers that are underrated. First we have BeautyChickee or known as Christina Marie Harris. An 18 year old girl from Long Island, New York, with a thriving YouTube channel and an amazing fandom called Chickees! Christina started her YouTube... Continue Reading →

Want A Great TV Show/Movie To Watch?

So, so, so, so many amazing tv shows have been released on Netflix lately and I am living for it! Aren't we all getting bored with watching the same thing over and over again? I am. Recently I've found myself watching anything and everything, I usually am really picky with what I watch but I... Continue Reading →

March 2018 Playlist

I think this is going to become a monthly thing, do you guys want it to be a monthly thing? Anyway! Hi, hello, good morning, good afternoon, March is here!! How fast did February go? Well, new month new music, am I right? In all honesty some of these songs are old, some go back... Continue Reading →

Never Be The Same tour 2018

Camila Cabello has announced a tour after releasing her album, Camila. Yes you heard that right, THE QUEEN IS GOING ON TOUR. And even though she hasn't announced Australian dates we still have to support our fav! She will touring most of the United States, Canada and UK. She has said the tour will be... Continue Reading →

Movies You Need To See!

  2017 has been a blessing to us with all the amazing new movies that have come out. I seriously haven’t had the time to watch them all but the movies that I have watched are so good! One of my all time favourites from 2017 has to be, Secret Service The Golden Circle. It... Continue Reading →


After Ethan leaving the band in December 2017, many fans thought that would be the end of In Stereo and in a way it was. Jakob and Chris decided to continue as a duo and bring a whole new vibe and look for what now is INSTEREO. Their first as a duo 'Cruel' is already... Continue Reading →

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